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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Everyone gets anxious from time to time, but if anxiety becomes a chronic problem or if you are experiencing panic attacks then it's time to seek help.

Anxiety and panic attacks are both psychological and physical in nature. When you have anxious thoughts your body responds by increasing your breathing and heart rate. This tends to stimulate your mind to produce even more anxious thoughts thus prolonging or even increasing the bodies anxiety response. Thus we can see how the mind and body are intimately connected where anxiety is concerned.

With Hypnopuncture treatments we can work on both the psychological and physical aspects of anxiety attacks. Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and it can also help you heal and release the causes of your anxiety. Whilst Acupuncture is extremely effectively at calming the body down, helping your mind to relax even further.

After each treatment you will have acupuncture ear seeds applied to your outer ear. These you can press regularly or whenever you need them and they produce instant relaxation throughout your body and mind.

By working through the root causes of your anxiety with hypnosis and NLP, your anxiety attacks should begin to dissipate very rapidly.

For more information on how Hypnopuncture can help anxiety and panic attacks or to book a session please call Paul on 0752864923 or contact Hypnopuncture


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