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Case Study - Cordelia Sarbah

Cordelia Sarbah Hypnopuncture

Cordelia Sarbah 22, from Manchester, gave up faddy diets and diet pills and still lost more than a stone in a month with the new weight loss treatment called Hypnopuncture.

“I’d tried the Atkins diet several times in the past for help with weight loss, however I found I had major carb cravings when on it and when I came off it I overcompensated on carb intake and weight quickly came back on.  I then tried slimming pills from my London GP and initially nothing came off and then eventually lost half a stone, but soon put it back on.

I then came across Hypnopuncture for losing weight and at first I was sceptical as I’d not heard of a weight loss technique like this, combining acupuncture and hypnosis, and I wasn’t at all confident it would work.  However I’ve seen such a major improvement in my ability to lose weight that I would recommend it to anyone who has similar problems – it felt so natural.   My sense of well being has improved dramatically.  I don’t feel so tired after exercising and the weight loss has improved my self-confidence. Before, just walking would make me hot and stressed, but not now.  My moods are better and I don’t feel depressed about my weight anymore.” 

Cordelia Sarbah

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