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Case Study - Danila Gianetto

Danila Gianetto Hypnopuncture

Danila Gianetto 48, from Manchester, lost almost two stones in two months with new weight loss therapy Hypnopuncture.

“I was nearing a size 24 when I started my hypnopuncture weight loss treatments, I am now a size 18!  Before hypnopuncture, I used to binge/ comfort eat constantly – whole packets of biscuits and worse. I would make huge amounts of food and finish everything in one sitting. But right from the first session of weight loss hypnopuncture my eating habits changed totally. I now eat normal, healthy food. The difference with weight loss hypnopuncture is that I do not have to stop myself from eating chocolate or bread, I simply don’t want those types of food anymore. 

I have been in a more positive state of mind during the treatment and a lot happier within myself. I go to the gym regularly and when I can’t get there I take longer walks with the dog. Without hesitation I would recommend weight loss hypnopuncture to anyone who wishes to lose weight and I will definitely be continuing my sessions to reach my ideal size.”

Danila Gianetto

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