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What happens during a Hypnopuncture session ?

There is an initial consultation where your case history is taken. You may then be given advice and information about nutrion if you are a weight loss client. Then the hypnosis begins and you are guided into a state of deep relaxation. Acupuncture needles are then inserted, usually into your ears, but also sometimes in other areas of your body. The needles stay in whilst the rest of they hypnotherapy and NLP session takes place. When you awake from the hypnosis the needles are taken out and then tiny ear seeds areaffixed to your outer ear. You can use these ear seeds between the treatment sessions by pressing them regularly. The ear seeds can help in many ways from helping with appetite control, relieving stress and anxiety as well as support from the physical withdrawal symptoms when stopping smoking.

How many sessions does Hypnopuncture  involve?

Stopping Smoking requires one session only. Weight loss involves between 3 - 6 sessions, or more if required. Other conditions usually entail a minimum of 3 sessions. Treatments are usually weekly to begin with.

Where can I receive Hypnopuncture ?

Hypnopuncture is available at present in Central Manchester at Milton Hall, Deansgate, M3, and in Todmorden West Yorkshire.

How do I book my Hypnopuncture sessions?

To book an appointment either call Paul on 07528646923  or email us at info@hypnopuncture.co.uk

Treatments are available throughout the week and on Saturdays.



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