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Gastric Band Therapy

Hypnopuncture Gastric Band Therapy [HGBT] offers a real and effective alternative to gastric band surgery. Its pain free with no risk of complications and it works. HGBT combines hypnosis and acupuncture to convince your unconscious mind and body that you've had gastric band surgery. This means that after the treatment you start to feel fuller quicker and can reduce your calorie intake with ease.

Hypnopuncture Gastric Band Therapy

The HGBT process begins with a three week preparation period where you will be listening to a specially developed hypnosis recording which will prepare your mind to receive your hypnopuncture band. Step two is your actual "operation", which involves a 90 minute treatment session where we use hypnosis and acupuncture together to convince your subconscious you have had the gastric band surgery. After the treatment session you then receive "post operative" support with another specially developed hypnosis recording.

Four weeks after your "operation" you have the option of returning to have your hypnopuncture band tightened.

For more information on how Hypnopuncture Gastric Band Therapy can help you lose weight or to book a session please call Paul on 0752864923 or
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