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The kinds of habits and addictions that Hypnopuncture can help with are: smoking, alcohol abuse, gambling, cannabis, cocaine, bingeing, snacking, nail-biting, teeth-grinding, hair pulling, knuckle cracking, face picking and many others.

Every habit or addictive behaviour has been learned - you were not born with it - and there will often be triggers or situations which trigger it off. There will also be an emotional component to the habit or addiction, such as that it relieves stress or brings a kind of pleasure. Because all habits and addictions are learned behaviour then, provided you have enough motivation, they can be unlearned with the help of Hypnopuncture. Sometimes there maybe underlying trauma which caused the behavoiur to start, as a way of coping. If so then Hypnopuncture can uncover and resolve these issues, making it much easier for the client to let go of the habit or addiction.

Many habits can be helped with just 3 or 4 sessions of Hypnopuncture. Addictions such as alcohol or gambling or drugs can take much longer as there are often complex underlying emotional issues which need to be resolved. However with long term help and support, Hypnopuncture can be extremely effective in helping a client overcome addiction.

For more information on how Hypnopuncture can help with habits and addictions or to book a session please call Paul on 0752864923 or contact Hypnopuncture


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