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Hypnopuncture treatments are a combination of Hypnosis, NLP and Acupuncture and are available in London and Surrey. Hypnopuncture was developed as a therapy to heal the mind and body together as one and is an effective treatment for weight loss, stopping smoking and stress related issues.

Acupuncture NLP Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a wonderful but often misunderstood technique for helping people make positive changes to the way they think and feel. During a hypnosis session a person will enter a state of deep relaxation which will allow them to connect with their subconscious mind. In hypnosis a person can learn to make positive psychological changes by releasing and healing issues and problems which are rooted in the subconscious. All of this takes place under the guidance of an experienced hypnotherapist. In Hypnopuncture, the only difference is that you undergo hypnosis simultaneously with your acupuncture treatment.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP as it is commonly known, was created in the early 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They believed that by focusing on how the mind functions in successful people ie the modelling of excellence, they could develop methods and techniques to create positive changes to anyone’s behaviour. NLP has since evolved into a powerful and extremely effective method for quickly helping people change their thought patterns and behaviour patterns. Thus it has become known for being the quickest way to help with habits, phobias, fears, anxiety, self-confidence and many other issues.

Acupuncture involves the gentle insertion of very fine, sterilised, disposable needles into points on the body or ears. These acupuncture points correspond to energy channels or meridians, and an acupuncturist can stimulate the body's own healing response and help to restore its natural balance. During a hypnopuncture treatment acupuncture points on the ear are usually selected, although some of our treatments involve full body acupuncture.

For more information on how Hypnopuncture can help you, or to book a session please call Paul on 0752864923 or contact Hypnopuncture

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