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Case Study - Jackie Masterson

Jackie Masterson Hypnopuncture

Jackie Masterson 22, from Manchester, could never lose more than a stone in weight without putting it back on. With Weight Loss Hypnopuncture she lost two and a half stones without dieting and was confident of losing more weight after her course of treatments.

“I’d tried to lose weight many times, mostly through diet clubs, and would always lose around a stone and then hit a wall and become quickly discouraged. Eventually I would lose interest and put the weight back on.  With hypnopuncture it was so different.  For a start I didn’t have to stick to any strict diet or calorie control regime.  All I had to do was to eat sensibly and exercise regularly, which I did, and the hypnopuncture treatments did the rest.  I found it quite easy to cut down my snacking dramatically, and just allow myself the odd treat.  I was also able to use my treadmill at home two or three times a week, and not feel it was a chore to do so. 

The weight has come off at a healthy rate, and even when I did hit a wall and the weight loss stopped for a week or two, I didn’t find myself getting discouraged, instead I decided to increase my exercise levels by joining a gym – something I would never had done in the past. 

My clothes feel a lot looser now and I’ve dropped at least one jean size. I feel generally more positive about my personal appearance and certainly feel I have a more optimistic outlook generally on life than I did before the treatments.  I don’t think I would have lost this much weight without hypnopuncture and I don’t feel this time that I will put it back on -  in fact I’m determined to lose even more.  I would recommend hypnopuncture to anyone who is serious about losing weight in a healthy way.”

Jackie Masterson



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