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Case Study - Sophie Ball

Hypnopuncture Case Study Sophie
"I tried Hypnopuncture and lost on average 2lbs per week... there’s no way I would have lost this without the treatment." - Sophie Ball

Sophie Ball 41, from London lost a stone in just over a month without dramatically changing her eating habits

“I had never tried a set diet as I have never had much faith in them in the long term – apart from anything else, I was always afraid that as soon as I stopped, I would put all the weight I had lost back on, so all that sacrifice would have been for nothing! (and I love my food….) Even worse, stories abound of people putting even more weight on….I had been trying to lose weight though, by exercising and controlling quantities – but it never seemed to make any difference. Then I tried Hypnopuncture and I lost on average 2lbs per week, a stone in total in about 7-8 weeks and there’s no way I would have lost this weight without the treatment. The actual treatments obviously had a huge impact on my system, there were times even after only one treatment when I noticed a change in what I reached for in the fridge; and in the longer term, what I fill my trolley with in the supermarket has undoubtedly changed.  I love food – one of the great things with the Hypnopuncture was that I didn’t have to change my eating habits radically: it was more a case of just reigning them in a bit.

I would recommend hypnopuncture absolutely 100%. Treat yourself to the best make-over your body could ask for...Your digestive system is re- tuned by the acupuncture, while you lie back and are treated to some lovely relaxation through the visualisation techniques used in the Hypnopuncture. The sessions are a pleasure– and they help you lose weight! What a winning combination!  And the wonderful thing is, I’ve noticed the benefits long term and I’m still losing the weight “

Sophie Ball


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