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Case Study - Susie Cusick

Susie Cusick Hypnopuncture

Susie lost over four stones in four months WITHOUT DIETING, but with the help of hypnopuncture, and is still going strong...

“Hypnopuncture has helped me conquer snacking and comfort eating easily as well as giving me so much more control over appetite and portion sizes,” says Susie, adding “I’m definitely eating much less and eating healthier, but it doesn’t feel like a diet and its something I know I can keep up indefinitely now.”

All this was achieved with Hypnosis, which Paul claims can help anyone gain more control over their eating habits without the need for dieting.  “Many people sabotage themselves constantly when trying to lose weight,” he states, "they start off with the best of intentions but sooner or later they trip themselves up or start slowly undoing all their good work, until pretty soon they’re back where they started. But it doesn’t have to be like that.” Paul claims,  “Self-sabotage has its roots in childhood and with Hypnopuncture we help people release unconscious destructive behaviours like self sabotage.”

But Hypnopuncture is more than just about getting your head right about food.  “Alex’s ‘magic needles’ worked wonders on my metabolism” says Susie, “he cleared my energy channels of something he called ‘dampness’, which he said was slowing down my metabolism.  It certainly worked, my energy levels are much better now and I feel so much more positive about things like exercising.  Although I have a busy and tiring job in the NHS I always seem to find time to exercise now”

“The beauty of Hypnopuncture for anyone wanting to lose weight is that it can produce positive and permanent changes at both the psychological and physical levels,” says Alex, “so the mind and body can work in harmony together and the weight will stay off, unlike dieting where 90% of dieters put the weight back on.”

Susie Cusick



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