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Hypnopuncture is the ideal weight loss therapy because it allows your mind and body to work together towards losing weight, enabling you to lead a normal life whilst your body returns to its natural and healthy weight.

Each session of Hypnopuncture will give you increasingly more emotional control over your eating habits whilst at the same time balancing your metabolism and hormonal system to allow your body to burn up fat more efficiently.

With Hypnopuncture therapy you receive a comprensive treatment which covers everything from reducing portion sizes, cutting out snacking, eliminating comfort and emotional eating, letting go of bingeing behaviours, making better nutritional choices and learning to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Hypnopuncture therapy is not about quick fix diets, it’s about you getting back control of your life so you can start to look and feel the way you want to in a natural, healthy way.

As well as receiving your regular sessions, with Hypnopuncture you are able to continue giving yourself treatment through the use of acupressure ear seeds. Using these ear seeds between your treatments is a tremendous way of giving your body and mind the support they need as you adjust to your new healthy habits and behaviours.

At Hypnopuncture we make sure we do whatever we can and give you all you need for you to achieve your long term weight loss goal.


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